Do Now:

Why are the war started?
-power of control
-governments are corrupt
-civil rights
-political differences
-differences in beliefs

1) Look at the image on p.736-737. What do you see in this image? What does it tell us?
I See& It Mean
-women------their son or husband went to fight for the war
2) Look at the timeline below the image.
  • What events took place in 1941?
congress establishes the lendlease program to deliver arms to Great Britain on credit.
  • What happened from May to June of 1940?
Germany conquers the Netherlands,Belgium,and France

2. Compare the history, characteristics, and political beliefs of Hitler and Mussolini on p. 740-741.

-unsuccessful art student
rejected by the Austrian military because they thought
him too weak to carry a weapon
-WWI,volunteered for Germany army
-built a solid record as a soldier
-after WWI angry about the Treaty of Versailles
-join small political party~National Socialists,or Nazis
-party attracted the soldier who were unhappy about
the conditions in Germany
-organized an effort to seize power in Germany by
force,but it failed
-imprisoned for nine months of a five-year sentence
-produced book"Mein Kampf"
-book his major political ideas
-out prison,try to gain power peaceful way and he get
-1933,Nazis most powerful party in nation
 1.Banned political opponents
2.Blaned other for their country's
3.built up their armies
-early 1900s,member of a Socialists party in Italy
-he support Italy's entry into WWI
-strongly opposed socialism and communism
-by the Treaty of Versailles,founded a new Italian
political patry~National Fascist Party
-when tied together with other rods,it was strong
-after WWI,public speaking skill win a set in Italy's parliament
-encouraged the use of violence against communists and socialists
-gained wide support
-1922,become leader of government
-established a dictatorship~government by a leader ort group that
holds unchallenged power and authority
-his government control newspapers,schools and buinesses
-under this totalitarian he total control over daily life in Italy

"The great strength of the totalitarian states is that it forces thos who fear it to imitate it."
------Adolf Hitler

if you want to get people to do something need to get them fear

We will be looking at the major provisions of the Treaty of Versailles and what the treaty required Germany to do.

Copy this table into your wikispaces and using your books on page. 608, fill out the left-hand side of the table on your own.
  • What was Germany required to do with their military and their territory after WWI?
  • What did the War-Guilt Provisions also require Germany to do?

Major Provisions of Treaty of Versailles
Hitler's Actions
-limited the German army to 100,000 men,with no
tanks or heavy artillery.
-limited the German navy to 15,000 men.
-banned Germany from having an air force
-required Germany to code land to France,Denmark,
Poland,Czechoslovakia,and Belgium.
-required Germany to surrender all colonies to the
control of the League of Nations.
-Germany and Austira were prohibited from uniting.
War-Guilt Provisions:
-held Germany sloely responsible for all losses and
damages suffered by the Allies during the war.
-required Germany to pay reparations of 269 billion
gold marks,later reduced to 132 billion.
-palnning to rearm the military
-rebuilding navy,inculding submarines
-sent troops into Rhineland
-Anschluss~Germany unites with
Austria by force
War-Guilt Provisions:


Hitler's Early Moves

1.what action does Hitler take with Italy and the Soviet Union?
-Hitler established with Italy and Stalin's Soviet Union,Hitler won Stalin's agreement to stay out of
Germany's way as it continued to expand and Hitler promised not to attack the Soviet Union also
agreed to give the Soviet Union part of soon-to-be-conquered territory in Eastern Europe
-creates alliances with Italy and Soviet Union
2.How do Europeans leaders react?
-they hope that Stalin would stand with them against a possible German attack,but Stalin didn't.
Hitler Attacks Poland
1.How did Hitler use the blitzkrieg tactic in his invasion of Poland?
-Hitler use a German criminal dressed in Polish military uniform.
-border to claim Germany attacked by Poland
2.How did Europe react?
-fight against Germany
-declare war!


In 1935, America is in the middle of the Great Depression and is concerned about improving the economy and helping Americans get through daily life. Their foreign policy (relationships with other countries) at this time is isolationism.

Define isolationism and what it is to be neutral.


We will be researching the following events to figure out how America got to the point we saw in the video clip. In groups, find, put in order, research, and define the following events to see how the US got into WWII.

K. Neutrality Act-1935,meant to prevent the nation from being drawn into war as it had been in 1917
C. Quarantine Speech-1937,Japan invaded China in 1937 president Roosevelt make the speech to called on america to take clear sides in the which world conflicts
A. Cash and Carry Act-1939,when German forces later invaded Poland,Roosevelt got congress to change the nation's neutrality law when contries at war allowed to purchase American goods as long as they paid cash and picked up their orders in American ports
J. Germany Invades France-1940,German attack on France and soon Hitler get the control of France
E. Battle of Britain-1940,after France falls the Britian stood alone against with German,and finally
L. Japan joins Axis Powers-1940,Japan formed a military alliance with Germany and Italy
F. Lend-Lease Program-1940,the act pass by congress allowed the nation to send weapons to Great Britain regardless of its ability to pay
G. Atlantic Charter-1941,Roosevelt and Biritain leader met secretly on a ship off the coast of Canada and both agree the shared goals of the United States and Britain in opposing Hitler and his allies.
I. Pearl Harbor-1941,Japanese military attack on Pearl Harbor
D. FDR asks Congress to declare war on Japan-1941,because of Japan attack on Pearl Harbor,americans reacted to the devastating attack with anger and fear
B. Battle of Atlantic-1941,only by sea that the United States could deliver soldiers and supplies to the hard-pressed opponents of Hitler, if the Atlanic was not kept safe for shipping,the Axis would soon win the war
H. D-Day-1944,the first day of the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II

Answer the following four questions on your wikispace or use the worksheet below and upload it to your wiki.
1. What words or phrases did you underline and why?
-the places get attack by Japaness,and the time also pease because it show it a suprise attack
2. In the speech, FDR states that December 7, 1941 is "a date which will live in infamy." What do you think the president meant by that statement?
3. How does FDR justify entering into war with Japan?
-the Japaness already suprise attack of them,it the reason to declear on war
4. Does this speech leave out any important historical facts that would otherwise help to explain why the US was attacked?
-yes,it the reason let USA enter the war

Missing Assignments

  • Look at the propaganda poster below and complete an "I See, It Means" chart.



I See
It Means
-airplain came in
-Uncle Sam
-smoke & fire
-fight on sea
-"our bullets will do it"
-"Pearl Harbor"
-representing the United States
-something get bomb
-attacking the navy
-called on people to fight back
-Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor
Read the quote by Duane T. Brigstock on p. 765 in your textbook. Summarize how Americans reacted to Pearl Harbor. Does this match up with the reactions you came up with during the Do Now?


After people heard the news about Japanese bombing the
Pearl Harbor and a lot of people dead they were very anger
about it and people was ready to be called up join the
military to fight back Japanese.


Topic: Mobilizing for War
Read p. 759-762. Identify the main idea in your own words. Add key details, terms, and people.

-Do United States join any power
to fight together with the Axis Power?
-Before the World War II the United
States was during the Great
Depression, where did United States
get money to fight for the war?
-Why did the young men of the country
volunteered to join the military?

Mobilizing the Armed Forces
What does mobilize mean?
Finding Soldiers:
The United States were prepare for the war with Axis Power,and the young man of the country were
volunteered to join the military.
-need equipment and supplies to fight with Axis Power
-young man did not wait to be called into service
-eager to defend their country,volunteered by the millions
Women and the armed forces:
What roles did women fulfill in the military?
New military bases:
-prepare of the war military need to build new bases and training
-million of American join the military all needed training and housing
-building hundreds of new military bases
-the military looked to build new bases in rural areas where there was plenty of open land
-military buildup transformed many parts of the country
-California became home to more military bases than any other state
-because the warm weather and plentiful land of Florida make it an excellent location for military training
Mobilizing Industry and Science
-government pent a lot of money on the war weapon and United States was all product the war supplies
-need proper equipment
-Many factories that made consumer goods were quickly converted to the production of war supplies
-government spent tens of billions of dollars on weapons and supplies in the months following the outbreak of war
-set the ambitious goal of building 60,000 new planes in 1942 and a further 125,000 aircraft the following year
-same time 120,000 new tanks
-United States not only had to produce all of these war supplies,also had to ship them to the armed forces overseas
Who was Rosie the Riveter?
-the working women during war time
Mobilizing Science:
What was the Manhattan Project?
-the top-secret program to build an atomic bomb during the war

Main Idea/Summary:
After the Japanese attack the Pearl
Harbor, United States start war with
the Axis Power, and United States
were all forces on prepare for war

What steps did the U.S. government take to mobilize industry and science?

1) We will talk about the Battles of Stalingrad and D-Day. As a class, we will read about the Battle of Stalingrad on p. 762 and fill out the left hand side of the table below together.

2) On your own, use your textbook on pgs. 775-776 to take notes on the battle of D-Day and fill in the right hand side of the graphic organizer below.

Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of D-Day

August 1942
What happened:
-major industrial center
-they push the Germany back
-Soviets use counterattack-250000
Axis soldiers become prisoners of war
Outcome of battle:
-German lose 2 millionsoldiers
-Soviets lose12 million
-800000 civilians died
-Germany lose this battle

June 6,1944
What happened:
-Allied force fo 3.5 million soldiers was ready for action
-soldiers parachuted yo German lines,amphibious boats
bring Allies soldiers to beach
-Allied aircraft in sky
-German forces were slow to react~thought the Allies
would attack somewhere else
-soldier wait for their landing-craft gate to open-then to
move forward toward shore
-German leader delayed in sending backup fprces to the
-but the Allies had established a beachhead
-D-Day had been success,each day more troops and
equipment came ashore
-by early July,the Allies had landed almost a million
soldiers and nearly 180000 vehicles
would attack somewhere else
Outcome of battle:
-Allies reach and liberate Paris
-the bulge created by the German offensive had been
rolled back
-Victory was close at Allies' hand
-10000 Allies soldiers died; 6600 American died
-Allies won battle,Germany retreats

The reason why this two war was the turning point for war was because
befor that Axis was expand the power,keep getting strong. The lose of
this two battle push the Germany back even the Allies lose a lot of soldiers
but they sucess the battle, they had stop Axis from expand the power push
them back.


What do you see?
-something write by different language

Who do you think created it?
-Nazis power
Who do you think was the intended audience?
-Germany people

What message do you think the creator of this intended to express?
-the power who agnist with Hilter and Jew was in behind them,mean
they were emery

Does this image use lies or misleading information
to express its message? If so, how?
-yes,this image make Jews like bad people
Does this images express a positive or negative image? Explain.

Summarize: How is this image an example of anti-Semitism?
It a Image Nazi Blame on Jewish.

-places to put Jews and anyone who was an enemy of the state
-neighborhoods in a city to which a group of people are confined
-blocked off from everyone else
-little food
-had a curfew
-lot of diseases

Video Clip
1.what was your reaction?
2.why do you think the prisoners in the camp acted the way they did?
-because that's the way been treat