why do you think a war would be desscribed as cold?
I think it was because this war had a lot of soldiers dead, people fight for win and kill enemy with cold weapone.

Key Terms:
Yalta Conferenc
-Divide Germany into 4
-Eastern Europe= free elections
-Soviet Union vs.Japan after defeat of Germany
The Cold War
The Iron Curtain
-a line that divided communist and non-communist nations in Europe
-United States policy aimed at stopping the spreasd of communism
Truman Doctrine
-United States were give the money and weapone to the country that try to fighting with the communism
The Marshall Plan
-give money to country so they could stop the thinking of communism
Berlin Airlift
-the Soviet Union try to make United States give up the part of Berlin by turn off everything but United States bring supply by air plan,Soviet Union finally give up
-North Atlantic Treaty Oirganization bettwen United States&Cananda and Eastern Europe
key question:
  • what events led to the Cold War?
-the Soviet Union try to spreasd the communism on Eastern Europe
  • how did each "side"view each other?
-the United States think they must stop the communism from spreasding,and the Soveit Union try to spreasd
  • what was the Truman Doctrine?why was it created?was it justified?
-United States were give the money and weapone to the country that try to fight with the communism and the reason they do it was they don't want to have war
with Soviet Union because they just end the WWII but they must stop the communism

Stalin,the Soviet Union leader and after the WWII he broke the all proismes and try to take control of Eastern Europe by communism thinking

Early Cold War

key Term:

Mao Zedong
-Leader of Communists in China
-named after seators Joe McCartry
-accused members of U.S. government of being communist~without any evidence
Korean War

38th Parallel
-Korea was divided into south loyal to U.S., north was communist
Police Action
-U.S. didn't declear war,only stop the north from expanding,push back

Key Question:

1.What events led to growing fears of communism in the US?
2.Was McMarthyism an appropriate reaction to the communist threat?
3.What was the Korean War?Was it successful?
-after WWII Korean divided into North belong to Soviet Union it was communist and South was belong to U.S. it the war that fight for control the Korean communism or not,but it didn't change anything a lot of people dead,the war did not successful.

Video Question:

1.what caused the Korean War?
-the problem of communism or not in Korean
2.What happened to Korea after WWII?
-divided into North belong to Soviet Union it was communist and South was belong to U.S.
3.How did the U.S. respond to the Invasion of South Korea?
-U.S. didn't declear war what they try to do was only push the expanding of communist back to the 38th Parallel
4.How was the U.S. able to recapture Seoul?
-came by sea to the back of enemy
5.Why do you think the war was called the "nastiest little war"?
-a lot of people dead but not thing was change it back to the 38th Parallel


-U.S. tried to stop him from uniting Vietnam
-South East Asia
-Negative war for U.S. they did not win,58000 dead americans
-many protests~vietnam syndrome~people lost faith in the U.S. government
-stop communist=containnent/Doining Theory
-control France
-after WWII to Japan
-fight to indenpent and it success
-OH leader,he is communist
-divided into as Koren N&S
-US worry about Vietnam become communsit
-suppler support by communist countries Soveit Union and China
-war fight long time, a lot of american soldiers dead


After the World War II Vietnam was control by Japan and before that was control by France.
But after WWII Vietnam try to become independent and it was success.Vietnam was like Koren,
it divided into South and North.The leader of the Vietnam OH was communist, it cause United States
worry about Vietnam were become communist.United States fight try to containnent the communist
but that war bring a lot of negative effect to United States and 58000 soliders dead also cause people
lost faith in the government.


-president JFK say back,United States will destroy the Soviet Union by all the atomic bomb they had
-Put in Cuba~SV,put in Itilain
-stop the fight,almost go on war
-sign paper
-president JFK assassinate by a men that was support the communist


United States put their atomic bombs at Itilain where never to the Soviet Union's power but didn't
control by them.For that action Soviet Union leader put pressure on the young president JFK.He was
making the atomic bombs at Cuba, where can easily bomb the United States with more faster speed.
President JFK's reaction was to say,if the Soviet Union will bomb the United States,they will destroy
Soviet Union by every atomic bombs they had. And because the effect of that war will be too big tow
country sign the paper agree not to go on war.After that president JFK was assassinate by a men that
was support the communist.