Stock Market Crash of 1929


We will discuss what stock is, how you buy and sell stocks, and how the stock market works. We will also talk about the stock market crash of 1929. By the end of the opener, you should have the following four terms defined on your wikispaces:
Stock--part ownership in a company
Shares--a percentage of a company
Gross National Product (GNP)--the total value of good and services produced in a nation during a specific period of time.During the 1920's the GNP increased-this led many people to invest in stocks. when the GNP decresed people started selling their stocks-share prices fell!
Buying on margin--buying stocks on loan from stock broker (people who sell stpcks) -this is really risky
Black Tuesday--prices fell-share price dropped--people started to lose confidence in the stockmarket-everyone started to sell their stock at the same time-everyone lost their money-investors drupped 16 million shares


Explain why people invested in the stock market- and how lost their money
-During the 1920's people start to have fun because they had more money,because the gross national product increased many people invest in stocks,but people start to sell their stocks together when the GNP decresed,it cause more worse,everyone can lost their money because people selling their stock at same time.

The crash of stocks market affect the economic of the United States also around the world.
During the great depression,hundreds of the banks failed in few month and it cause the