In 1920's, the woman get more right and freedom,get can work as men and also get the right to vote.
And there's many problem the sociey, government prohibition the alchol,ti cause the smuggled of alchol.A
And some people were anarchist,who does not believe in government,they were called Radical.

Lesson 2: Life During Prohibition

Do Now
"The Federal government has decided to prohibit the manufacture, sale, transportation and consumption of all candy and soda throughout the United States."
  • Do you think the government has the right to do this?
  • How will the government enforce this?
  • How would people react?

I think government don't have the right to do that, and government may just passed a law or act shut down factories,police to prohibit candy and soda.
And people may against about that, because candy and soda didn't affect people much.

What was the 18th Amendment? (Who? What? When? Where? Why?)
who: United States Senate
afected citizens who drink alcohol
~sold it made it etc
-women wanted it and supported it
what: a law to prohibit the sale export import of candy and soda
-amendment=a change to the constitution
-Banned the manufacture, sale, transportation of alcohol
when: January 16, 1919-Ratified 1920
where: United States (Except Rhode Island)
why: -alcohol caused poverty

My best CCQ….
Main Idea: In 1919 the the prohibition of alcohol,it make liqur smuggling become the second largest industry, many people make their own alcohol,but it's dangrous to drink, even it difficul to enforce the law and to compete with criminal, it make people question whether prohibition was really needed, and it end by 21th Amendment.
-if people were not allow to drinking the alcohol where and who do those alcohol making, transporting,and selling to?
-what if someone was drinking the alcohol during Prohibition?what's the effect?
-how they not think that this would happen?
-this reminds of Marijuana today- it is illegal to sell it, make it and buy it but if you get caught smoking you just get a fine
-the prohibition law did reduce the amount of alcohol americans consumed.
DIFFICULT to enforce the law
-alcohol could not be made or sold but you could drink it.
-liquor smuggling become the second largest largest industry after automobile manufacturing.
-must of the alcohol came from Canada
-Bootleggers~from the slang term for smuggling items inside boots
-many people made alcohol at home-Moonshine! Dangerous
-some people drank medical alcohol
-illegal liquor business=the foundation of great criminal empires.
-Prohibition gangster-control alcohol.ex:Chicago's AL Capone.used the alcohol trade to build a business earned tens millions dollars/years.
-government difficult to compete with criminal, shut down speakeasies,the illegal bars alcohol was served,make gangster can't keep up with the criminals.
-many people question whether prohibition was really needed
-the 21th Amendment end the prohibition
Summary:  I was waiting for my daddy with a java infront me,people around me was danceing and drink,there's a places many gangster and bootleggers meet,and my daddy was one of them. It remind me the first time I meet him, it was start by my brother.After the prohibition it cut down him drinking alcohol but that life for him was so hard he try hard to get alcohol.Anece a time i find out he drinking alochol again,i follow him try to find out the truth.I find out he was the one sell alcohol to my brother,but he not real care about what i find out about he joint to people, and ask me whooppe.The reason was i was the kind of tomato have gams,but i reject because the he was kind of pill, it what i feel at first.

Lesson3:Sacco and Vanzetti

  • Students will analyze the Sacco and Vanzetti court case and explain why they think Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent or guilty.

Do Now
  • Do you think that holding a radical idea is against the law? Why or why not?
 No,because everyone have the different mind,and different point of view of how they look at something also have the different thing they feel value,sometime those thing effect people's think a lot.

Lesson: Read the excerpt below and analyze the who, what, when, where, and why of the Sacco and Vanzetti court case.
who:Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti,Italian immigrants and anarchists~did not believe in government
what:were accused of Robbery and Murder
-Found guilty and sentenced to death
why:Even though many people thought they were innocent-people were more concerned with their political beliefs!

If you were a member of the jury at the Sacco and Vanzetti trial, would you find them innocent or guilty? Explain your position.

If i were a member of jury at the Sacco and Vanzetti trial I will find them innocent, because there's no way and right to kill someone
without the evdience, even it government. No matter innocent or guilty the only thing we can do was base on the evdience.